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    Good Spirits Christmas Tree Farm

9711 Old National Pike

                                 Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

                                                                     (301) 797-5695


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DIRECTIONS TO OUR TREE FARM:  From Interstate 70, take Exit 32B.  Proceed along U.S. 40 West for about 1 mile to the first traffic light.  Turn left onto Edgewood Drive.  Proceed along Edgewood Drive, which turns into Alt 40, for about 3 miles.  A log cabin, and the sign pictured above,  mark our entrance on the left side of the road.

We have been a family owned Christmas tree farm serving the tristate area since 1969.  

The Good Spirits Tree Farm got its name from the belief that the original pre civil war house on this farm was haunted, but that these spirits turned out to be benevolent.....

WHOLESALE  CHRISTMAS TREES.  Persons interested in purchasing Christmas trees in quantity should contact 301 797 5695.

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