Live tree pricing

evergreens in the snow

Our live trees are dug fresh on the farm with a 30″ root ball wrapped in burlap and securely bound in a wire basket to help insure stability of the ball during transport and handling. We offer delivery and planting services upon request. Pricing determined at time of quote according to location and site conditions.

Currently we are capable of digging up to 10′ trees with our hydraulic spade and can arrange for larger trees to be dug and transported upon request.

Our live tree prices

  • Concolor Fir $12/ft plus 6%tax
  • Blue Spruce $12/ft plus 6% tax
  • Norway Spruce $10/ft plus 6% tax
  • White Pine $8/ft plus 6% tax
  • Plus an additional $30.00 digging and wrapping charge per tree (regardless of height)

Pricing is for trees picked up at our loading dock