Choose & Cut

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The Good Spirits Christmas Tree Forest is open to the public for choose and cut Christmas Tree sales from the day after Thanksgiving till December 23rd.    Visitors are welcome to browse through our fields with their families, and choose from among the thousands of trees available in various species, in sizes up to 20 feet.  Customers may cut their own tree, or seek our assistance when available.  Either way, there is no better way to ensure the freshness of the tree you take home.

And its a great way to start a family Christmas tradition by making tree selection an adventure, rather than a quick visit to a store.   Explore our woodland hiking trails, or stop by our Warm-Up Shed for a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider.!  We also have a patio area, for those visitors who would like to linger for a while over their hot chocolate and enjoy the fresh country air, the smell of Christmas trees, and the holiday season atmosphere.

We are open for Christmas tree sales after Thanksgiving.  Our hours are Mon thru Fri from 3 to 5 PM, and Sat and Sun from 10 to 5.  Directions on how to get here are located on our home page.  We grow the following varieties of  Christmas trees:

  • Blue Spruce              $60
  • Norway Spruce          50     
  • Concolor Fir               60
  • Fraser Fir                   60    
  • White Pine                 40    

Prices are good for any tree from 6 to 10 feet in height.   There is an additional charge of $15 per foot over 10 feet.

We do take credit cards, prices above are cash prices.

We provide shaking and baling for trees free of charge.  Some of our largest trees, especially spruce,  may not fit through our baling equipment.   THINK ABOUT HOW YOU’RE GOING TO GET THE TREE HOME BEFORE YOU CUT IT.   Also, it is the customers’  responsibility to secure their trees for safe transport.


When you take a cut tree home, get it into water immediately.  Cut off another 1/2 inch from the trunk  before setting the tree into the tree stand.  Leave the baling string in place until you’re finished working on the tree stand, so that the lower branches are not in your way.  MAKE SURE THE TREE STAND IS FULL OF WATER, AND CHECK IT DAILY!!    A freshly cut tree that has an adequate water supply will consume a significant amount of water every day, and stay fresh.  If a cut tree is not placed in water right away (like trees at precut tree lots), it begins an irreversible drying out process.  The capillary passages in the trunk seal up, and the tree’s water uptake capacity is reduced.  Not long afterward, the needles and outer branches will become brittle.  So keep your tree watered, and it will last longer!


There are many benefits to having a real, as opposed to a plastic, Christmas tree.  Remember when as a kid you walked into a room where a fresh tree had just been put up?   No artificial tree can have the aroma or the feel of a real tree.

Real Christmas trees are grown as a crop, so cutting one down is not an environmentally ethical issue such as cutting down trees in native forest lands.  There are hundreds of thousands of acres of  land in Christmas tree production throughout the U.S., these trees process great quantities of CO2 while growing providing us with fresh Oxygen rich air. Every time a tree is cut on one of these tree farms, a replacement seedling is planted next spring! So breath deep, the air around the farm is a joy to behold.

Still have a problem cutting one of our Christmas trees?  Well, then “harvest” it without killing it!!  If you leave a couple of good healthy branches on the stump, we will shape them to grow into a new Christmas tree!  We have a number of  stumps on our farm that are growing their third Christmas trees.


We also feature a large selection of predug live Christmas trees (with root balls).  These are typically 4 to 7 feet in height, and may be taken indoors for 7 to 10 days for use as Christmas trees, then taken outdoors and planted.  In this manner, you can beautify your yard year after year, with each tree a living memory of a Christmas past!  These trees should be taken indoors and then outside gradually if there is a major difference in temperature.  While in the house, the root ball should be kept moderately moist (not standing in water like a cut tree).  You may want to have the hole dug in advance, in case the ground is frozen after Christmas, and it may be helpful to put the loose soil from the hole into a wheel barrow or tub and store it in your garage.  The recommended hole size is 36″ by 18″.  Please see the Planting Instructions on this web site for further details about planting your tree.  DO NOT leave your live Christmas tree indoors all winter!

                          sunset over the snowy evergreens

Check out http://WWW.CHRISTMAS-TREE.COM  for more information on Christmas tree farms!